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What's Japanese Name Factory
"Japanese Name Factory" is a service to change your name to Japanese Name.
You can get your Japanese Name. You can buy your Japanese Name printed goods as well.


JP Name Auto Maker
You can make your own “Japanese Name” automatically.
Kanji of your “Japanese Name” will change each time you click the make button.

Version 1.00

JP Name Recommended Search
You can search Japanese Name we pick up with the best wish and buy image fikle of it.


(Now Under construction)


JP Name Order Ticket
Did you find your favorite name?
If you didn't' find Japanese Name , you can order Japanese Name.
Please buy "Original Japanese Name Order Ticket".


JP Useful Idioms
Japanese is rich in old idiomatic expressions consisting of four kanji.
You can look for Japanase useful idioms .



JP Name & MANGA set
You can make your Japanese Name and original Japanese MANGA.
Each of them is the only one in the world.




JP Calligraphy Name
You can make your Japanese Name with Japanese famous calligrapher.
Each of them is the only one in the world.

calligraphyname( Coming soon )


JP Name Printed Goods Store


You can buy Japanese Name Printed Goods in our Store .



Under Construction


( Coming soon )


( Coming soon )


( Coming soon )



Release date:
Last updated:2017/07/13